where & when

thursday, sept 15

early arrivers soiree

Time: ~8:00p – 10:00p

Location: Lone Peak Brewery & Taphouse
48 Market Pl, Big Sky, MT 59716

If you’re in town Thursday, join us for a little warm-up to the weekend!

friday, sept 16

rehearsal & dinner

Rehearsal @ 4:00p

Rehearsal Dinner @ 6:30p

For the unlucky few (we’ll be in touch), you are obliged to attend a practice round of our ceremony on Friday. Congratulations! The goal, of course, is to give us all the best chance of fooling the attendees into thinking we know what the heck we’re doing out there. Dubious.

In consideration for your time and (most importantly) your passive, unquestioning submission to the plan, Stephen + Mamie (the groom’s parents) are honored to host the wedding party and their guests for dinner immediately following.

We’ll send out an email the week before with logistics info.

‘welcome to the wedding’ shindig

Time: 8:00p

Location: Choppers Grub & Pub
77 Lone Peak Dr, Big Sky, MT 59716

Join the betrothed and their families for an informal get-to-know-ya on Friday evening. The wedding party will be migrating over from the rehearsal dinner ~8:00p. But, don’t wait on us if we’re running a bit late.

Who are the other wedding guests, you ask? EASY! Just look for the other attractive, interesting people who obviously aren’t locals. Mingle.

We’d suggest grabbing dinner before. See the ‘things to do‘ page for some local restaurant recommendations. Choppers has good pub food if that’s what your crave.

saturday, sept 17

wedding ceremony & reception – the main event!

riverfront backyard

Riverfront Backyard @ Gallatin Riverhouse Grill
45130 Gallatin Rd, Big Sky, Montana 59730

4:00 – 4:30pm – Ceremony
4:30 – 5:30pm – Emotional recovery / drinks hour
5:30 – 7:00pm – Dinner / Toasts / Cake
7:00 – 10:30pm – Party time!  Bring your dancing shoes 🙂
10:30pm – Music shut-down / End of reception

When the reception ends, the newly married couple would love for you to join them at the Gallatin Riverhouse Grill Saloon to keep the party going.  A local classic rock/country cover band, The Sugar Daddies, are scheduled to play that night and we expect it will be a ton of fun.