Yep, we’re wordy.  We just want to give you all the information.  Hopefully this page will save you some reading.

Wait, why am I here?
Jason Millard and Kristen Forseth are getting married on September 17th, 2016 in Big Sky, MT and you’re invited!

I’m not from Montana and I’ll be flying in.  Which airport should I fly into?
Bozeman, MT is the closest airport (~1 hour drive away from Big Sky).  You may find better rates into Billings, MT (~3 hours drive away from Big Sky) or Missoula, MT (~4 hours drive away from Big Sky).

So…how do I get from the airport to Big Sky?
You can rent a car or team up with some folks that have already rented a car or hitchhike (don’t hitchhike).  There are also shuttle options from Bozeman.  We discuss this extensively in our travel & lodging section.

Where should I stay?
Again, we have plenty information about this in our travel & lodging section.  Here’s your Cliff’s Notes version:  we recommend you rent a condo or cabin in the Meadow Village area.  If you’re not keen on this idea, we’ve set up room blocks at River Rock Lodge and Buck’s T-4.  Make sure to mention the Millard-Forseth wedding when booking.

What should I wear?
This isn’t a fancy kind of affair. Look good, but stay comfortable.

For the guys: slacks or khakis, shirt, and a sport coat or jacket. Tie only if your personal style demands it.

For the ladies: rock a sassy cocktail dress, get one more wear out of that summer sundress you love, or go full-on power pant-suit if you’re feeling bold. Flats, boots, and wedges recommended. Keep in mind the whole event will be on grass, so avoid heels unless you want to pick up some heel protectors.

NOTE: daytime temperatures will likely be in the 50s or 60s and nighttime temperatures can dip into the 30s. Bring something warm for after sundown. Keep in mind, this is Montana… the weather can change dramatically and quickly. Be prepared for anything.

The wildlife are friendly, right?
Nope.  Super nope.  Assume they want to kill you and admire from a safe distance.

Do I get a +1?
You get a +1 if your SO’s name or “& Guest” is written on your invitation.  Generally, if the invitation is addressed only to you, you don’t get a +1.  If your luck has changed and there’s a new special someone in your life that you would like to bring along (or if we have forgotten to include your special someone that’s been around for a while), contact us and tell us all about it.

Are my young children invited?
For the most part, we have not considered young children in our head count.  They are 100% welcome (we’d love to see them!), but I must warn you that we make no promises regarding our behavior (and that of our friends and families).  So, it’s very likely that your kids will be exposed to atrocities like this:


If you’re prepared to explain to them what Mommy and Daddy’s friends were doing, by all means, bring them along 🙂  Please just send us a note to let us know how many to expect.

You keep talking about a shuttle to/from the venue.  What’s up with that?
Kristen really, really wants you to have fun at our wedding and she really, really does not want you to drive under the influence.  For this reason, we’ve rented a shuttle service that will go from the Meadow Village to Gallatin Riverhouse Grill with stops at Buck’s T-4.  Here is the schedule:

2:30 pm:  First shuttle leaves from Choppers
2:37 pm:  First shuttle stops at Buck’s T-4
3:00 pm:  Second shuttle leaves from Choppers
3:07 pm:  Second shuttle stops at Buck’s T-4
3:30 pm:  Third shuttle leaves from Choppers
3:37 pm:  Third shuttle stops at Buck’s T-4
4:00 pm:  Last shuttle leaves from Choppers, but you’re late.

9:00 pm:  First shuttle back
11:30pm:  Last shuttle leaves the venue, bound for Buck’s T-4 and Big Sky Meadow