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Good news – Montana and the Big Sky area in particular are incredible! You’ll be glad you you made the journey.

Bad news – depending on where you’re coming from, it can be a challenge to get out there.

In addition, we’ve made a few suggestions below based on our own experiences traveling into Big Sky Country. 



Alaska Air and Delta seem to run the most routes into/out of Montana and they usually have the best fares. We’d suggest using to explore your options.

Ideally, fly into Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN) in Bozeman, MT.

Next best option is Billings Logan International Airport (BIL) in Billings, MT. BIL often has lower-cost options, but will add 2 to 3 hour drive time (each way) to your journey. The price difference can be pretty significant though.

Fares can fluctuate pretty dramatically. Alaska and Delta will run incentive fares that are great if you can catch them. If you don’t like your options today, we’d suggest setting up a fare alert. It can pay off.

Whatever you decide, there is one GOLDEN RULE – book no later than 6 weeks out. That’s approximately August 1st. Inside 6 weeks, fares can go crazy high.



A rental car is probably your best option. A car will give you greatest flexibility to explore Big Sky and surrounding area. See some suggestions on the things to do page. We encourage folks to team up and share cars!

From BZN (Bozeman), you’ll enjoy a scenic approx 1-hour drive to Big Sky.

From BIL (Billings), plan for 3-4 hour total drive time to Big Sky.

There are also a few shuttle/bus options that run between BZN and Big Sky. Unless you’re planning a longer stay, cost of a round-trip shuttle can cost you more than a rental car though. Check out the Big Sky Resort travel site for some options.


Since we are centering *most* of the wedding weekend activities near the Meadow Village in Big Sky, MT, we strongly encourage you to consider lodging options here. It is kind of like the city center – it has a lot of great restaurants, bakeries, and bars as well as lodging options.  Please note that we will be running a shuttle service from Meadow Village to the wedding venue on the big day.  We have summarized the lodging options for you in the text below:

Option 1:  Rent a house or condo

Pretty straight forward:  rent a house or a condo in the area.  This option will give you the best bang for your buck (especially if you team up and split it a few ways).  There are tons of stunning places  for good rates through or can also find good stuff through Big Sky Vacation Rentals.

Use this address to center your search:

209 Aspen Leaf Dr
Big Sky, MT 59716

 Are you someone who is interested in sharing a condo or cabin with a group, but are traveling alone or with a small number?  Please contact us.  We’d be happy to match you up with folks who are in the same boat.