Explore Montana

We chose to marry in Montana because it is truly a special and spectacular place. Conveniently, it offers an abundance of activities to fill your time.

VisitBigSky.com has a great list of local attractions and things to do. Check it out!

Might we recommend some of our favorite eateries:  The Lotus Pad, By Word of Mouth, Olive Bee’s, Lone Mountain Brewery, Rainbow Ranch Lodge, First Place, Choppers, and Bugaboo.

And, here are just a few personal suggestions for awesome things to do:

Move those legs and enjoy some scenery  on the ~ 2-mile Ousel Falls hike.  It’s minutes away from the Big Sky Meadow Village.  If you’re looking to really put your lungs to the test, we highly recommend the Beehive Basin hike, which can range from 4 – 7 miles with a 1600  foot elevation gain.  It’s a bit more work, but the views are entirely worth the effort!

Ready for a thrill ride? There are ample mountain bike opportunities in Big Sky.

Spend a moment on top of the world.  The tram at Big Sky brings you to the top of Lone Peak during most seasons.  On a clear day, you can see the Tetons in Wyoming

Treat yo’self.  Yes, Montana is outdoorsy, but you can also get pampered.  Visit the Moonlight Spa for a massage or pedicure.  May we also recommend a day pass to the heated outdoor pool and hot tub at Shoshone or The Summit at Big Sky resort?  

It’s all in the hips.  Work in 9 – 18 holes on Big Sky’s golf course.  Don’t forget your goofy pants.  Bonus points if you turn it into a party with your own Al Czervik.

Les poissons! Become an angler for the day.  There are several spots along the Gallatin River where you can set up for a few hours and fish.  You may also be interested in consulting a professional through one of Big Sky’s many river guide businesses.  

Visit Yellowstone National Park.  Old Faithful is about an hour and a half away from Big Sky.  Don’t forget to check out the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and hike Uncle Tom’s Trail.  You might also consider packing your swimsuit and visiting the Boiling River.

Norris Hot Springs is a 2 hour drive from Big Sky and is completely out of cell phone range.  It’s rustic, but has surprisingly good beer and food.  It’s a great way to spend an afternoon off the grid.  

Travel back in time a bit.  Chico Hot Springs is 2 hours from Big Sky, and also accessible through Yellowstone National Park.  It features a large pool that is filled daily with fresh water from a nearby natural hot springs, a lodge built in the 1920’s, a super fun bar, and a gourmet restaurant that features one of the best Manhattans that Kristen has ever tasted.