transportation to the venue

…About time, right?!

This is very important to us because too many people die every year on Montana highways because of drunk driving incidents.  Please don’t be the tragedy that puts our wedding in the news.

We are providing a shuttle service to ensure that all of you can tie one (or more) on without having to worry about the drive back to your weekend domicile.

To be clear, there is plenty of parking at our venue.  If you are confident that you will have a designated driver, we encourage you to round up your friends and drive to Gallatin Riverhouse Grill.  This will allow you to come and go at your leisure, provide you storage for your extra layers (winter is coming), and give you a great spot to make out with your main squeeze if you need some privacy 😉

If, however, you plan to get a bit crazy and have a few drinks, please please please take advantage of our shuttle service.  The shuttle will leave from Choppers every half-hour starting at 2:30 pm on wedding day (Saturday, September 17th), and will make a stop at  Buck’s T-4 along the way each time.   The shuttle will begin trips back to Buck’s T-4 and the meadow at 9:00 pm.  An estimated schedule is listed below.  Please be flexible.

2:30 pm:  First shuttle leaves from Choppers
2:37 pm:  First shuttle stops at Buck’s T-4
3:00 pm:  Second shuttle leaves from Choppers
3:07 pm:  Second shuttle stops at Buck’s T-4
3:30 pm:  Third shuttle leaves from Choppers
3:37 pm:  Third shuttle stops at Buck’s T-4
4:00 pm:  Last shuttle leaves from Choppers, but you’re late.

9:00 pm:  First shuttle back
11:30pm:  Last shuttle leaves the venue, bound for Buck’s T-4 and Big Sky Meadow

WARNING:  Our shuttle will not accommodate all of you in a single go – seats are limited.  We really need y’all to spread it out.  So, here are some benefits to being early arrivers!

  1. Our venue is not actually a wedding venue.  It’s a really cool bar.  Have a good Montana microbrew and enjoy the other amenities.  These include amazing scenery, Big Buck Hunter, and horseshoes.
  2. The scenery at our venue is spectacular and you’ll be in your fancy wedding clothes. You know that river by our venue?  Yeah.  Brad Pitt fly fished on that in “A River Runs Through It.”  Your selfie game will be so strong.
  3. You won’t be stressing about being on time for our awesome wedding.
  4. Starting about a half-hour before the ceremony, Jason’s uber-talented cousins will be entertaining you with their mad guitar skillz.
  5. If you all wait until the last minute, there won’t be enough space for you, and you’ll be the jerk who shows up late for our wedding.  Don’t be that guy.